Saturday, June 09, 2007

back in nairobi

We have arrived back in Nairobi. We had a wonderful conference.

The pastors and wives in Burundi had even less training and Bible knowledge than we had imagined. The level of poverty in Burundi was more than we have seen anywhere. The country is densely populated. There were people everywhere that we went. The people are more intense than anywhere else we have been. They are just starting to recover from the wars there and have had lots of pain.

The participants were very attentive through the whole conference. We had some wonderful discussions about the relationships between husbands and wives. Ed also sparked a lot of discussion after speaking about "guarding your heart," and how a pastor needs to guard against infidelity while counseling.

While in Rwanda we saw several ALARM projects. At one project, they were taking homeless, orphan, street boys and teaching them carpentary, welding, electrical, and masonary. We also saw a project where they were teaching young women to be tailors. They used the pre-electric sewing machines. The women at this school were also orphans of the genocide or of HIV/AIDS. We also saw a womens secondary school where some of the orphaned girls were going through a rigorous secondary education.

We are overwhelmed with all we have seen and experienced. We are ready for a GOOD shower and some rest.

Thank you so much for all your prayers, the Lord answered in abundance. We were concerned about having to pay extra weight or for extra bags as we carried in the materials, but had no problems and didn't have to pay any extra. The Lord brought fruit to your prayers. Many lives were touched and the teachings will be passed on to many more people. Our health has been good and we have had no problems.

We will have reports later from the participants after they have been translated for us.

Donna and Ed