Saturday, July 07, 2007

Donna Edwards, Living Well, Teaches Conference in Burundi

Living Well went to east Africa for the third time to lead a conference for pastors and their wives, teaching and training them on marriage and family. The pastors and wives in Burundi have experienced much trauma and distress in their lifetimes. Most of the pastors have no theological education and many have not been pastors very long. They do not have access to study materials or training.

As we began the conference, Donna asked some basic questions on the nature of man, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and eternal life. The pastors were not able to articulate answers to the basic principles of our relationship to the Lord. They probably had an understanding of how to come to Christ, but were not able to articulate it.

This group had the least amount of education and Biblical knowledge of any group that we have taught in east Africa. Burundi has a great desire for a hope for the future. The Good News has that hope for them. Training these pastors is vital for the future of the people of Burundi. They have an unprecedented opportunity in their country.