Friday, June 19, 2009

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania Mission

We made it back safely to Dar es Salaam. We will miss the cool weather and hot water in Kenya. The place we are staying is very clean though, it's a Catholic center. We take our meals here as well. They have a canteen that is outdoors with a cover where we can sit and have a cold soft drink. We went down after we arrived and heard a Catholic mass playing on a TV nearby.

We will be here without our hosts tonight and tomorrow. But there are enough English speakers that it is not a problem. And they have the internet. Costs us less than a dollar for an hour. Of course, the keyboard is so bad that it takes twice as long to type.

We need the time tomorrow to work on our materials for our workshop that we will do on Tuesday. We knew that we would need to make adjustments based on what we learned from the people after we arrived. We have a laptop that we brought, thanks to the Gillogly's. So, we will have all that we need to prepare.

We will go to a different church on Sunday. Then leave for Bagamoyo on Monday morning. The workshop will be Tuesday morning, starting at 10 am (2 am OK time). We appreciate your prayers.

We are looking forward to getting back to Bagamoyo, we really enjoyed being in that community and the people there. It is small enough that we can get out and walk some. It is right on the beach of the Indian Ocean, the water is beautiful and blue. And we praying for hot and cold water at the place where we will stay. I think they are going to put us in a different place. We will have either our host couple with us or our interpreter while we are there.

So far, we are feeling pretty good. We have each had times that we weren't quite up to par but that is normal here. I had to take one afternoon this week and just stay in and rest.

The Bates are leaving Nairobi tonight for home. We already miss them. They were great travelling companions and fellow laborers in ministry. Pray for their travel and recovery.

Thanks for all your prayers.

Ed Edwards
Donna Edwards
"Giving Life to Marriages"