Sunday, July 11, 2010

Living Well in Morogoro, June, 2010

After flying 10,000 miles from Oklahoma City to Dar es Salaam, another 4 hour bus ride brought us from sea level to the base of the Uluguru Mountains. The picture above shows our team with our Tanzanian hosts, Justin and Anna Kiwovele of ALARM - we just arrived and are out to find our rooms.

We had the juxtapose of mountains with palm trees - a scene unknown to Southerners.

Our team stayed at the Morogoro Hotel, our best accomodations of all of our trips to Africa. We had a beautiful setting, large bathroom, hot water, big bed, and air conditioner (when the electricity was working).
We always bring big bags that roll, but the Africans prefer putting them on their heads!
We loved the abundance of flora on the grounds of the hotel.