Saturday, August 14, 2010


The pastors at the Morogoro conference composed a letter of gratitude for our team. This pastor, Peter, read a copy in English. Then another pastor read it in Swahili. We were overjoyed to receive the letter and to hear what God had done in their lives.

They felt as though they had a honeymoon because they were able to stay at a "hotel" with private rooms, running water, and meals - all paid by the generous supporters of Living Well.

Another highlight of their week was being able to meet many other pastors from different denominations. We work interdenominationally at all of our conferences.

The conference teachings on giving to your spouse, priorities of the pastor, and finances spoke to these couples in a very powerful way.

"Generally the whole seminar has become a healing and a challenge to all of us in many areas of our Marriage relationships."

They ended by saying:
"We promise that we will be teaching this seminar material to our church members and fellow Pastors who have not been able to attend this seminar. May the Almighty God Bless you richly."