Monday, May 30, 2011

Conference begins

We just realized that today is a holiday there. Hope you all enjoy your day off.

The conference started this morning. As usual with "African time", everyone was a little late. We have learned to make allowances for that in our schedule. Our host spoke to them several times about being on time tomorrow. We have noticed that as Africans become more cosmopolitan, they are intent on being more efficient and punctual.

We had a full house, a great group. Sometimes we have some pastors who come without their wives, but our host had limited registration to couples. So, we had couples and they sat together without being asked to do that.

Ed taught on the priorities of the pastor and we included a case study of "Pastor John" who was so involved in ministry that he neglected his wife. Many of them admitted to being a "Pastor John."

I caused quite an uproar when I was teaching about the fall in the garden from Genesis 3. This happens every time we teach it in Africa. We show them that Adam was the one whom God held accountable for the first sin. One older pastor argued that point. I read the passage again. He continued to argue about it. I asked one of the other pastors to read the passage. They all agreed that it was true. After we were finished and had a time of discussion, the pastor brought it back up again. So, we read Romans 5. He became convinced.

After the discussion time, we had a time that they could testify about what God was saying to them. One of the older pastors stood up and talked about how much God was speaking to him about the need to continue to grow and learn about Him and about marriage and family. He said that those are areas that he can grow all of his life.

We were very encouraged by all of their responses. We also got to see a few people who attended our conference here five years ago. It's always fun to renew those relationships.

Thanks again for all of you prayers.