Thursday, June 28, 2012

JULY 2012 Letter - LIVING WELL

My life will never be the same! . . . . The most often heard comment from our team members after they returned to the U.S.
Our words come slowly when trying to process all that our senses encountered. 
  • The mind says my life is different even if I don’t know what that means for my future.
  • My spirit tells me that I am united in love with those who walk such a difficult life path.
  • My emotions reveal that I don’t really understand joy yet, but I have met those who do.     
  • My heart longs for a way to give of what God has given me so abundantly.
  • My desire is to follow God’s path should He graciously allow me to return.
  • We know that we have received more than we gave!
Thank you so much for your prayers! Answers:
  • A great mission experience!
  • Good health - no one got sick or hurt or even too fatigued to keep going. (Only prayer can explain that outcome for 10 “mature” missionaries.) 
  • The teamwork and flexibility was beyond anything that we thought was possible. We can’t begin to explain what an outstanding job each person did. 
  • Every plane connection was successful. No lost luggage (two bags were delayed 24hrs). 
  • Full conference for pastors and their wives. Each couple received a notebook of materials and a new study Bible.
  • The physical work at the school was completed - painting the school several coats inside and out, cleaning flowerbeds, new doors and locks, bookcases.
  • Teaching through stories, the Bible, crafts, memory verses, games, and music prepared the way for children to come to Christ.
  • Left the school with books, balls, Frisbees, musical instruments, and many school supplies.
  • Gave each child a Bible, a toothbrush and tube of toothpaste (thanks to Dr. Russell Danner and Dr. Glenn Ashmore!), and lots of love.
  • The team still loves each other after 18 days together.
 God put together such a gifted team!
We had a wonderful time of worship on Sunday; everyone wanted to hear more of their singing. As one team member said, “even when we didn’t know the words, we knew it was worship.” All of the team felt a close bond with the Christians there, even though we are different cultures and much different circumstances. We immediately felt the oneness of the body of Christ with our brothers and sisters there.

Now what? Those children need lots of prayers for their future.

The school still  has immediate needs:
  1. burglar bars on the doors
  2. a deeper water well (the present well goes dry part of the year) and a water storage tank
  3. better toilet facilities
  4. another building for classrooms and more teachers for the growing school

Our Bible study class is providing 100% of the financial support for the school this year. Without that support, the school would close. No education would be available for these 160+ kids. Many more neighborhood children are not attending school. Wisdom Community School is at a capacity level and cannot take any new enrollees. Many of those children lingered around our story times and activities; they were able to hear about the love of Jesus too.

See future posts and our facebook page for pictures of this year’s mission. Thank you again for your continued support for God’s work through Living Well.

Our love in Christ,
Donna and Ed Edwards