Tuesday, July 10, 2012

LIVING WELL Ministers at Wisdom Community School

Wisdom Community School, in Ndola, Zambia, is operated by Better World Ministry, headed by Brother Charles Mwila Mutambala. The school is in a slum area, called Twapia (means "we are very broke").
Home in Twapia

Ed and Donna Edwards, of Living Well, visited the school in January, 2012. They learned that the school no longer had funding for the teachers and caretaker. They presented the need to their young married Bible study class at Putnam City Baptist Church. Several members of the class committed to provide the $400/month funding needed for 2012. Because of their contributions, the school is able to remain in operation.

Market in Twapia

Most of the children are orphans or "twice orphaned" (both mother and father have died) and live with a grandparent, older sibling, or even a neighbor. The families cannot afford the uniforms, books, meals, and materials that have to be purchased to attend public schools.
Children in area came to meet us
as we came to "preview" the school.

The school is for grades 1-5 and teaches 160 kids in two rooms without electricity or running water. Living Well is partnering with Better World to help Wisdom Community School continue to operate. Many more children in the neighborhood are not attending school, but Wisdom Community School is now full. The school is adding a grade each year to be able to teach the children as they move to the next grade.

Since Living Well began partnering with Better World Ministry in January, the Lord has provided several of the needs of the school through donations and the MISSION ZAMBIA 2012 Team.
The eight on the team plus Ed and Donna as the week
at Wisdom Community School begins.

Eight team members from the Oklahoma City metro area travelled with us to Ndola at the beginning of June, 2012. Three team members (John Holinsworth, Lois Jeffries, Karen Russell) painted the school inside and out, as well as doing repairs, replacing the doors and locks, and working in the flower bed. Previous to the trip, Living Well raised the funds to plaster the school on the outside in preparation for painting.

Five team members (Darla Holinsworth, Mary Kay McCormick, Norma McKinney, and Ron & Kathy Jackson) provided Bible teaching, crafts, music, and recreation for 160 children for 5 days.

So far in 2012 ....

MISSION accomplished:
  • Monthly monetary support for three teachers, one caretaker amounting to a total of $400/month (commitments for 2012)
  • Painting the interior walls (materials/supplies cost: $500)
  • Cement plastering the exterior of the building to prevent deterioration of the earthen bricks (cost estimate: $1000 labor and materials)
  • Painting the exterior walls after plastering (materials/supplies cost: $500)
  • Teaching materials (books, paper, pencils, teaching aids, etc.)
  • New doors and locks
  • Recreation equipment - soccer balls, etc.
  • Music equipment, hand instruments
  • New Testament for each child
  • Books and bookcases
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste for each child (thanks to Dr. Russell Danner and Dr. Glenn Ashmore)
  • A week of Bible teaching, crafts, Bible stories, music, and recreation
We did a lot of work, accomplished a lot, and left them with a lot .... but the reality is that we were the ones who benefited the most.

Before we took the mission trip, some people asked if it wouldn't be better just to give the money to have local people do the work. Our answer is that then you wouldn't have the experience of ministering to these children.

Much more is needed at the school. Will tackle that one in the next post.