Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Thank you for your prayers for our annual dinner. We had several people who said that they thought it was the best one that we have ever had. If you would like to see more about that event, you can go to our website. The homepage has a link to more info and several videos.

One of the videos is a testimony from a couple with whom we have met by Skype over the last year and a half. We recorded their testimony through a Skype interview also. We told them that they did not have to share their specific issues, but to share where they were and what God did. One line from the video that characterizes our work with couples: “You truly cared about our marriage and wanted it to survive - even more than we did.” We know that God can heal any hurt. We are thankful for their “new” marriage! [see the video here]

You can also see what we believe that God has for us during the coming year. We don’t know why He called us for this mission, but we believe that God has placed us in Ndola, Zambia, “for such a time as this.” In the midst of training pastors/wives on marriage/family, we encountered an opportunity to become involved in Wisdom Community School. Because the Lord placed it on our hearts and, consequently, the hearts of many of our friends and supporters, the school is able to stay open. Some ministry groups go for one-week, short-term missions to places and then never go back to the same place. We are committed to go back! We are committed to provide and strengthen the education and spiritual training for the children of Wisdom who live in the slum area surrounding the school. Many of these kids are orphans.

We are going back to Ndola in January. Another couple from our last trip, John and Darla Holinsworth, are going with us. John worked on the building and Darla worked with the children last time. We will go to the school to provide and further evaluate the school needs educationally, spiritually, and facilities. Please see the this sheet with more information about the school project and our January return to Ndola.

We will also have several opportunities to teach and will follow-up with couples, whom we have taught on previous trips. Our plans are to return in June 2013 and take more friends! If you are interested in being a part of that trip, please let us know.

Through the generosity of many people at our church, we shipped 12 boxes of Christmas gifts for the 175 children at Wisdom School! We also were able to send gifts for the three teachers and the caretaker couple at the school.

Our ministry partner in Ndola no longer has a computer. Our desire is to take a laptop with us in January to give to him. If you have a functional laptop, which you would like to donate, or would like to give towards the purchase of one, please use the enclosed return envelope or contact us. Not only would a computer be a great aid to him in his ministry there, but it would also expedite our communications with him.

We are thankful that we live in a country that allows us to vote. We consider voting a privilege and responsibility! We are thankful that we live in a country that will continue in peace regardless of the results for the election. Join us in praying for our country and this election.

We pray that you will experience a true season of Thanksgiving for all that God has provided for you and all that He is. May He bless you in this season and in the time with your families.

Donna and Ed Edwards
P.S. Please pray for the Lord to provide the money for our mission in January.

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