Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Have you ever thought about how life would be different without you? 

Besides the way it would impact your friends and family, how does the ministry that God has given you affect your community, your world?

We are able to stay open and continue to minister because of you - the ones who sustain us through your prayers and your giving. But if we had to suddenly close our doors because of a lack of donations, who would feel the immediate impact? 
  • 13 families with a marriage crisis
  • 3 couples who are preparing for marriage
  • 160 African elementary children who would not get any education
  • 3 African teachers and 1 caretaker who would not have a job in a country with an 80% unemployment rate 
  • 16 Oklahoma short-term missionaries who have responded to God’s call to Africa
  • 1 community school in Zambia that would close 
  • 15 couples learning about God’s plan for a sacred marriage
  • 17 couples who receive Bible teaching weekly
  • Numerous churches who look for marriage ministry training and refer crisis couples 
Could God meet those needs in some other way, without us? Of course, He could. But for this time, He has chosen us and you to fulfill His mission. Without you, there would be no “us!” 

How do you make a difference in the ministry of Living Well? Last year, when we met Wisdom Community School, it was about to close because it had no funds. We asked and 16 people gave in 2012 to keep that school open. Some gave a little, some gave a lot, but the school is still teaching 160 kids because of the 16. 

The costs of the monthly overhead of the school has increased this year. Many have given already but we still need $9,900 more to fund the school for the rest of the year. You can help give an education to 160 Zambian children who live in a slum.

We are leading a team of 18 back to Ndola, Zambia, in June to teach God’s Word to the children at the school, disciple the teachers, feed the children and teachers for a week, and improve the physical facility of the school. You can send us, pray for us, and give to fund the materials, food, and supplies for the school. We still need $13,200 more to cover the costs of the mission. 

Will you pray with us for God to supply our need and equip us for this ministry?

Since the first of the year, we have had a surge of new appointments for people who are in a marriage crisis. The amount given by all of our couples in marriage crises does not begin to cover the costs of keeping our doors open.

Because of your generosity, we are able to continue to bring God’s healing to these families. Thank you for your continued support through prayers and donations. We could not continue this ministry without you!

We love and appreciate you and your support of what God is doing!

Our love in Christ,
Donna and Ed Edwards
P.S. Please pray with us for God to provide the $13,200 left to finance the project.