Thursday, August 01, 2013

WISDOM - What is it?

Most of us would love to have wisdom. I would. We pray for wisdom continually. We pray for wisdom in our marriage, how to deal with our children, what we should do about our job, and on and on.

I wonder if I really know what wisdom is. Would I recognize wisdom if I heard it? How would I know? If I had a word of wisdom from God, would I believe it, would I act on it? 

Wisdom can be illusive. I hear a perspective that sounds good but is it wise? I hear some advice that I like, but is it wise? I see a course of action that looks right but is it wise?

What it means ....

Wisdom is the means by which the godly can both discern and carry out the will of God.
Douglas Moo

Wisdom is looking at life from God’s point of view. Chuck Swindoll

The dictionary on wisdom: knowledge of what is right or true coupled with just judgment as to action.

A person can be very knowledgeable about finances and skilled at making money, but does that mean he has wisdom handling money?

What about a person who is an excellent communicator, knows the statistical realities of marriage and divorce, does that mean he has wisdom in his marriage?

According to a worldly definition of wisdom, those questions could both be answered as true.

Knowledge and understanding are prerequisites to wisdom. A person can’t have wisdom about a topic if there is no knowledge. He can’t show wisdom if he doesn't understand the dynamics of how the knowledge works together in real life.

When we get to the part about “just judgment,” the definition can take on a different meaning. What is "just" to one person may not be "just" at all to another person.

Truth and justice that apply to all people at all times only comes from God - they don't change with the culture or the year.

A person who has a lot of knowledge of economics and financial systems might be able to make a lot of money. If he doesn't use God’s truth with what he knows, his application and action may not show wisdom at all. If he applies his own morality to the situation instead of God’s will, the outcome will not honor the Lord and His creation.

To read about what it looks like and where to find wisdom, stayed tuned for our next posts!