Friday, March 20, 2015

Call to WISDOM

WISDOM called out. Twelve heard her call and answered!

The CHILDREN of WISDOM are waiting for us!

We can hardly wait to see them again . . . . . . . all 350 of them!

We have a team for MISSION ZAMBIA 2015. [click on this link for more details]

We are excited to have several returning team members and to also have several who have not been with us before.

We need your help! We need people who will pray for us as we prepare and as we go. We need people who will give, so that we can go. You may not be able to go with us, but we ask you to send us! Please pray for our mission and ask our Lord how He may want you to be involved in sending us.

LIVING WELL has to raise $16,500 for this mission. [to donate] We raise all the money for the supplies and building materials (see this page for additional info), plus the expenses for the two of us. Each team member is responsible for their own expenses.

Our mission to WISDOM Community School includes:

Construction projects

    • Install ceilings in 3 classrooms
    • Painting
    • Landscaping
    • Repairs and maintenance
    • 350 Children, grades 1-7
    • Bible lessons
    • Music
    • Games
    • Crafts
    • Puppets
    • HUGS!
  • Community Open House
    • On Saturday after CAMP WISDOM, we have an open house for the children, their guardians, and the community.
  • Resources
    • Buying any supplies that the school needs

What characterizes our mission trips?
  • We go back to the same place each time. We know the kids/community. They know us. They know we are committed to the support and development of WCS. 
  • We train all of our team members. They know what their tasks will be and are prepared, as much as possible. They learn about the culture and study materials to prepare them to meet God on their journey and share Him with others.
  • We make all of the arrangements for flights, lodging, food, & ground transportation. We have relationships with locals that build stability and good will as we go.
  • We work hard. We do allow our team members some rest time, especially when we arrive. We have comfortable lodging (basic but adequate), so that we can get enough rest. We have roles for everyone and seek to use their gifts and talents. We have fun together as we fulfill God’s mission for us.
  • We have times to experience local worship and culture. One of the most important aspects of the mission trip is to get a bigger vision of Christ’s bride, the Church, and His work in different cultures and places.
Thank you for your continued support. Our love in Christ,

Donna and Ed Edwards

For more info:
Phone: (405) 924-3574