Thursday, February 04, 2016


Yes, it is February – the LOVE month! 

Love makes the world go round.”

Love will find a way.”

Love is blind.”

“Falling in love.”

People talk about love a lot – such as the quotes above. But the real musings in our own hearts are ......

Do you really love me? Forever? No matter what?

See our post here more ideas about our capacity for love. Do I love from a full heart or a heart to be filled?

We want to invite YOU to a special marriage event later this month – Together Forever, February 26-27.

We are coordinating the event with our Marriage and Family Team at PCBC. The event is to celebrate marriage with a nice dinner, some fun photo ops, abundant door prizes, and great teaching from Drs. Gary and Barb Rosberg.

We first heard Gary Rosberg teach over 20 years ago. He made real impact in our marriage at that time and continues to do so now! The Rosberg’s work with Focus on the Family and FamilyLife. They are some of the best nationally who speak on marriage. We guarantee that you will enjoy it and grow in marriage. If you are interested in attending, please give us a call or click here for more info or to register.

Thank YOU for your support and prayers on our mission trip to Zambia. We had a great trip! WISDOM Community School is exploding! WCS now has 400 children and seven teachers. Wow! Just four years ago we visited there for the first time; the school has tripled in size since then! The kids look so happy and were very eager to see us.

The kitchen building is completely funded! We were able to meet with a contractor and arrive at an agreement to begin construction on a kitchen building. We can’t wait to go back in June and see it complete. 

Why don’t YOU go with us? We are now putting together our next MISSION ZAMBIA team. We need to have the team assembled by the end of the month. Please let us know if you are interested or click on the “Get Involved” page of the WCS website.

Thank YOU for YOUR support and care for our mission and for us. 
Our love in Christ,

Donna and Ed Edwards
P.S. Please pray for us as we make plans for our next Zambia mission.

The water that I will give him will become 
in him a well of water springing up to eternal life. 
John 4:14b 

LIVING WELL is a life source,  not a life style.