Monday, September 02, 2019


Most people know our story – we believed we were called to connect people to the Lord through ministering to marriages. That call took us to East Africa to train and teach pastors about marriage and family ministry.

In our mission travels to Africa, we were introduced to a school in a slum of a slum in Ndola, Zambia. God spoke clearly to us that we were to bring Christ to these kids through the support and development of that school.

This story is not about about WISDOM Christian School; it is about the joy of following the Lord. Being a part of a ministry at a school in a slum of Africa is not what we had ever envisioned. It was not in our skill set; it wasn’t even in our interests. We certainly understand some of the confusion that some Old Testament prophets felt. “God, we want to follow you ... but this is really different from anything we have done!”

What we found out is that when you follow the Lord, He gives you what you need when you need it!

As the cliché goes – the rest is history. Except it’s not only history of what has happened, it is about what is still happening. 

Since that day in January 2012, we are sprinting to keep up with God. We thought His vision for that school would not be accomplished in our lifetime. What we have realized is that He has His vision on a fast track!


We knew that WCS needed to expand to 12th grade. We couldn’t even envision how that would happen. But when God puts you in a place, He provides! A family came to us and said they wanted to provide 100% of the cost to build a high school! [more info and photos here]

If you love to travel and thrive on joy, follow the Lord and He will take you on the most amazing journey!!!

And He has provided 80% of the matching donations for the school lunch program! Will you help us to FEED the children of WISDOM? We have about $2,000 to go for the full $10,000 matching funds! DONATE HERE

Have you ever sensed a distance in your relationship with your spouse or someone else? You realize that you aren’t as close as you once were. The distance can be bridged. Read this blog  on Closing the Gap.

THANK YOU for YOUR continued prayers, support, and encouragement.

Our love in Christ,

Donna and Ed Edwards

P. S. Please join us in praying for the CHILDREN of WISDOM and their lunch program.