Saturday, July 08, 2006

Report We Received from Zambia

After returning home from Zambia, Israel Simbaya, our host in Ndola, sent the following report to us:

Alarm Zambia organized Pastoral Family Enrichment Conference in the town of Ndola from June 5-8, 2006. The conference attracted more than 50 pastors couples from 25 different denominations and churches. Our facilitators were Ed and Donna Edwards, Jacquelyn Edwards, Mike and Donna Jestes. They represented two organizations, namely: Living Well and KEEP.

The Ministry of Jacquelyn Edwards
Jacquelyn is 21 years. She accompanied her parents on this trip. She ministered to 260 students in four High Schools of Ndola, namely: Kamba Basic School, Muzi High School, Temweni High School and The Most High Secondary School. She spoke to the students on abstinence and purity. The response from them was overwhelming and encouraging. Following are some of the testimonies about the impact of her.
Tracy C. Mwelwa: I have learnt not to be ashamed of asking God to forgive me. No matter how big my mistakes and sins, He is able to forgive me. This has helped me to start living again.

Mwamba Kayeye: The timeless lessons that I have learned through Jacquelyn’s sharing are that God is the solution to everything, God is forgiving and that I must wait for the right time to have sex. I will use these principles to propel my entire life.

Sheba M. Mwale: I have learnt that it is important to keep my dignity because my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. I have a sad past and I know God knows about it. I have asked Him to forgive me and I believe He has done it. Additionally, He will be able to use me as his instrument to minister to other lives.

Tinashe Mibenge: I have learned to keep my body pure. I will do exactly that by abstaining from sexual activities. I am helped to know that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Mwango Lomba: I have been cleared on relationships with the opposite sex. I have learned that relationships are not all about sex. I should zealously guard my virginity. If a person really loves me he should wait to have sex with me in marriage only. Thanks Jacquelyn for helping me to know this life truth.

The Ministry of Mike and Donna Jestes
Mike and Donna trained Trainers of Trainers on HIV/AIDS. Many professional persons attended their seminar. We had 78 participants. The impact of Mike’s ministry is evident in the following testimonies:
Phelma: Through the seminar, I have now come to realize the value and importance of abstinence. Abstinence is good for a youth like me. I want to adopt it as my lifestyle.

Patrick Mkandawire: I have always believed that condoms are a 100% preventative method against HIV-AIDS because of the way they are advertised on our public media. The teachings I have received in this seminar today have changed my perception about condoms. I now believe that condoms have a false security regarding prevention against HIV. Condoms only lower the risk but they cannot do away with the risk completely. This makes me believe that abstinence is the best method of prevention against HIV/AIDS. I promise to live by it.

Lois: The practical examples on purity have brought change in my life. It is good I came to this seminar.

Joseph Chanda: A condom is not 100% safe. So I have learned to abstain till my right time comes. This is my gospel message I will live by.

The Ministry of Ed and Donna Edwards
Pastoral Family Enrichment Conference started on June 5 and ended on June 8. The main speakers in this conference were Ed and Donna. God used them to bring change and transformation in the lives and marriages of many a conference attendee. The impact of their ministry to the pastors and their wives was tremendous.
Mrs. Evelyn Chendela, Baptist Church: I have learned to respect my husband unconditionally. I will forgive him even if he does not ask for it.

Pastor Maybin Mwaba, Christian Kings Worship Center: I was poor at communicating with my wife. I have been helped to communicate well with her. This conference was just for me. God has used it to transform me completely.

Mrs. Elmeda Bisenga, Cathedral of Faith: I thank God for what he has done for me during the conference. I have specifically learnt the difference between a husband and a wife in a marriage relationship. I will take a new approach in my marriage.

Mrs. Alice Changwe, Church of God: I am revived in my spirit. I never respected my husband. I have grasped what it means to respect him. If I practice what I have learned my marriage will be restored.

Mrs. Alice Chisenga, Church of God: I did not know how to love my husband, but I have learned.

Pastor Duncan Muzala, Church of God in Christ: The conference was wonderful. I have been ministered to in most areas of my marriage. I have known where I have made terrible mistakes. I can improve now through God’s enablement.

Pastor Geofrey Mwape, Christian Miracle Center: I have learned that effectiveness in ministry is measured by how one treats his own family. This is revival to me.

Pastor Kandu Frackson, Apostolic Church: I have learned to honour my wife and apologise to her whenever I offend her.

Mrs. Christine Mbewe, New Hope Christian Center: Your ministry has revived our marriage relationship. May God bless you!

Mrs. Catherine K. Kasweshi, Revival Church: I have been so blessed especially on the topic of guarding our hearts as a duty of both husbands and wives.

Few weeks after the conference, the participants have continued to testify that Ed and Donna, through their teaching ministry, have brought revival and new meaning to their marriage relationships. They (participants) have started living again. They have been confessing that they would be forever grateful to God for having brought Ed and Donna to Zambia.