Wednesday, May 30, 2007

God's Grace Today

We are preparing to leave for two weeks on a mission trip to Burundi, Rwanda, and Kenya. God's grace has been evident in abundance these last few days.

My mother went to the hospital for an emergency surgery, then there were complications. She had been in for over three weeks, but she went home last Friday and is doing well. We found out a couple of months ago that Ed's mom had a growth in/on her thyroid. She had a test done last week and we found out yesterday that there is no cancer there.

Financing a trip the size of this mission trip is always a concern to us. We are a support-based organization, operating on donations. We committed to raise the funds for our costs plus the translations, Bibles, and conference costs, over $20,000. We have never raised that much for one project before. We were getting close but still had $2,000 left a week before leaving. I got a call from a local, Christian businessman, to whom I had submitted a proposal for funding. He asked how much we had left, I told him. He said that I will put a check in the mail tomorrow for it. God's grace is always on time.

We know that we will probably get more donations even while we are gone. Our experience has been that there are usually unexpected expenses on the trip that match the amount we receive after we leave. God's grace and provision is always on time.