Friday, June 27, 2008

Jacquelyn Edwards and Megan O'Briant Speak to Zambian Students

Jacquelyn Edwards of Oklahoma City and Megan O'Briant of Dallas spoke to over 700 studants in Luanshya, Zambia. They spoke about purity and abstinence and about God as their Father and Protector. Zambia has a very high HIV/AIDS rate. The life expectancy is about 37 years. Zambia is a Christian nation, constitutionally. They are open to people speaking about their Christian faith in the schools.

Jacque uses Skittles as a visual aid in teaching. In the following photo, the students swarm Jacque for the Skittles that are left.

For some reason, our Zambian hosts called them "Jac and Mega." They made a sign for their room to commerate their new names.

They are apprehensive as they are apprehended for the third time. The police kept "arresting" them.