Saturday, June 21, 2008

Living Well at Masaiti Christian Centre, Luanshya, Zambia

This series of photos shows the camp where we taught the conference. We stayed in Luanshya and most of the participants were from that community about 20 km away. After turning off the highway, it says that the camp is 2 km down the long, winding road but it seemed much further. As with all roads in Africa, people are walking - you are not sure where they are coming from or going to. There was more than one fork in the road; each time an almost indistinguishable sign showed the way.

The women start washing clothes the first day of the conference. Both women who are bending over washing clothes have a child tied onto their backs. They hang their clothes on a wood structure that was a stage at one time.

These huts were for the men who came with a wife.

This building was the venue for the teaching time. The middle section was the classroom. A room on the left was for women who attended without their husband. Many of them had small children who spent their afternoons on the porch by the classroom.

This hut is for the owner of the camp grounds to live in when he is there. It has a bathroom, bedroom, and living area. We were able to go to this hut if we needed to rest, use the bathroom, and have lunch.

The cooking is done outdoors. In the photo with two women stirring a big pot, they are probably stirring the staple for their diet "shema," which is in a following picture.

Africans are tremendously resourceful. They only have electricity at this camp in the evening; they use a generator for that power. Here is a source for hot water. Then we see the shower facilities for those attending the conference.