Saturday, June 19, 2010

Great Week in Morogoro

We had a great week in Morogoro! The pastors and their wives there were so excited about what we taught them.

We try to use a lot of visual aids as we teach. Rhett and Megan have very creative ideas for the visual aids for their lessons (high five for all of the school teachers out there). One woman said that after we leave that they may not remember all that we taught but they will remember the visual illustrations and principles from them.

One of the more experienced pastors, who also speaks English, came to speak to us at lunch one day. He said that he had been to a lot of seminars there on discipleship, leadership, the Holy Spirit, and others but our teaching was rare. They all expressed how much the families of Tanzania need this message. As with all of our conferences over here, they pleaded with us to return.

The people here are so appreciative of the teaching that we bring and the Bibles we give them and the notebook of lessons. Thanks to all of you who help us come here!

The funds we raise also pay for them to come stay at the place where we have the conference, a "hotel." They are there for a week without their children (except the infants) and having someone else cook. They told us it was like being on a honeymoon. Thanks for providing this opportunity to people who could never afford to do that on their own.