Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In Morogoro, Tanzania

We made it safely to Tanzania on Friday morning. We were very tired but were able to rest all day on Friday and Saturday. We traveled by bus to Morogoro on Sunday. The ride was a 3 hour ride that turned into 4 hours. We were very glad to get there!

Morogoro is at the base of a small mountain range. What a sight to see palm trees with the mountains in the background. But it is warm and humid here like it is in Dar es Salaam. It gets a little cooler at night. We do have air conditioning here .... if the power is on.

We are all well and rested most of the time.

The conference started on Monday morning. We have at least 80 here, the number we were expecting. The group is very attentive and asking lots of questions. We spent a lot of time discussing Adam and Eve!

We hope to put some pictures up soon.