Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Year - New Beginning with Money

It is common for Christians to foolishly mismanage their money and then blame God for not blessing them financially.  Rod Rogers

It is a lot easier to slide into a money hole than it is to climb out of it!

Some of us, may not be in a lot of debt, but we have disconnected how we spend our money with our relationship with God. We buy the house, car, or goodies that we want without asking God how He wants us to spend the money that He provides.

“But I worked hard for that money; I should be able to spend it how I want!” This attitude is the one many people take, without acknowledging that it was God that provided them with the means and opportunities to earn that money.

God forgives our mismanagement or lack of management with money, but He doesn't take away the consequences.

You may not be willing spiritually or emotionally to acknowledge that God owns it all and has entrusted us to manage His money. Whether you are willing to acknowledge it or not, the truth is that all that we have is His. We are just managers of the money.

Managing money His way multiplies what you have.

Some simple steps to get on track financially. Take one step and He will show you the next one. Find your step and practice it every day for one month:

1. Acknowledge the truth that God owns it all.

2. Keep track of how you are spending the money. Write it down as you go.

3. Ask the Lord how He wants you to spend His money today.

4. Get your money in cash, put it in envelopes, designated to where it goes. Use REAL money!

5. Freeze your credit cards in a block of ice for a month. Don’t use them!

6. Before making a purchase (other than must-have food or gas or medical), write it down, then wait a week and see if you still need it.

7. Make a spending plan pray about it, and stick with it.

[For more info, go to the money page on our website.]