Thursday, July 07, 2016

Who goes to Zambia? Profile #1

We have such limited time and space to talk about our mission teams. God always puts together an amazing team.  As I thought about each person who goes and what a diverse group that we have, I thought I would share more of the story.

To avoid showing preference to anyone, it's in alphabetical order! It just happens that my sister and her husband are first alphabetically.

Charlie and Sherry Beair
Even though they have probably heard more about the Zambia missions, seen more pictures and videos, than anyone, they will both tell you that you can't adequately grasp it until you go there. About five years ago, God did a work in both of their hearts and they became very devoted to following the Lord. We never pressured them to go with us or considered that they would go. But we were delighted!

Charlie is an engineer by vocation and had no experience with working with kids or VBS, but he was enthusiastic about doing whatever was needed. You could see the delight in his eyes as he interacted with the children of WISDOM. He helped with games, with lessons, and with crafts. And, like the other engineers on the team, he was always willing to help rig up our props.

For a vocation, Sherry has something to do with accounting and computer software (beyond my pay grade!). Her only experience with kids is raising her own and playing with her grandkids.

When I told her that we needed her on the Camp Wisdom team (she thought she might paint!), her response was "I am not good at working with children." Well, she proved that statement to be wrong! She did so well whether it was teaching the kids or helping with crafts. It touched my heart to see her in this new role.

She found out what an amazing work God can do through you - beyond your expectations. And it helps when you are used to following your older sister's instructions already.

Check back for our next Mission Zambia team profiles!