Saturday, July 09, 2016

Who goes to Zambia? Profile #2

We have such limited time and space to talk about our mission teams. God always puts together an amazing team. As I thought about each person who goes and what a diverse group that we have, I thought I would share more of the story.

To avoid showing preference to anyone, it's in alphabetical order!

John and Darla Holinsworth 

God captured the heart of John and Darla on their first trip in June of 2012. They have been with us eight times now. We are so thankful that God raised up this couple to join us in His work there. They are our partners in ministry there. They very involved with the ministry at WCS.

John is a retired fire captain and likes to do building projects.

He and Ed execute all the building projects at WCS. On this trip, they built shelves, an island for the kitchen, and counter tops. These guys make a powerful duo!
God uses John's gifts in a vital ministry role to the Zambians. He found a niche doing fire safety instruction at the school and to groups in the Ndola area. They do very little fire safety instruction there but have many fires. The community (over a million people in the greater Ndola metro area) has one fire station and one fire truck.

John loves the kids and loves seeing them learn about Jesus. He has a servant's heart and is great at washing dishes!

God gave Darla a love for children. Her background with children's ministry at church and as a vocational school counselor makes her invaluable in developing WCS and being a leader at CAMP WISDOM. 

Darla wrote all of this year's lessons. Then she  worked with the kids to dramatize the lessons.

She has made a mission of learning the children's names and faces! She helps make CAMP WISDOM  a huge impact in the lives of these children.

John and Darla's love for the LORD spills out into the hearts of many African children.

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