Thursday, June 30, 2011


“We have already started enjoying the fruits of that Seminar. My wife and I, are already living in Paradise. May I report to you that our marriage is and has never been the same up to this point I am writing to you. Just after the Seminar, I had to immediately organize the married couples of our Church. On Sunday the 5th of June, 2011, we had a decisive and successful meeting. We resolved as a Church, to have a Marriage and Family enrichment program, starting from this June up to July, 2011. Once again, we thank you Ed and Donna for the material you gave us. We promise to make full use of it. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you, Ed and Donna; Phil 4:23.”  Sostern Banda, pastor 

Joy to our hearts! And answers to your investment of prayers in this mission. Thank you!

We received this testimony upon our return along with the report from the ALARM - Zambia office. This mission endeavor exceeded our expectations! ALARM country director, Charles Mwila Mutambala, did an excellent job of planning and preparing for the conference. We planned for 50 couples, we had at least 53 couples. We asked for pastors and spouses to come together and they did, almost 100% attended with their spouse. They were consistent and attentive. They appreciated everything we taught and the gifts we brought. We bring small gifts for each of them, which we use as visual aids for them to remember teaching points. We also give them a 100 page notebook and study Bibles.  Charles added his response in the report:

“As ALARM-Zambia, we expect Living Well Ministries to have nationwide impact among the ministers in the Zambian Church. The Lord willing, there would be great need to take this important ministry to Zambia’s Capital city, Lusaka, during the same time, next year. If it were possible, we would suggest that the number of participants be increased from fifty married couples to about a hundred. Besides, we would further suggest that two mission trips per year, from Living Well ministries would impact the Zambian Church significantly.”
The pastors in Ndola speak English well, which made it more enjoyable to dialogue with them and facilitated more opportunity for feedback. We had them write down how God had changed their lives through the conference. (see some of their responses here) We also gave them an opportunity to write questions for us (anonymously). Men use blue cards, women use pink—so, all we know is their gender. Some of the questions are answered during our teachings, some are addressed separately, some will be addressed during a follow-up conference by the ALARM staff. You can read some of the questions they asked here; it also gives you a good view of the challenges faced there.

Ed preached at an international church (some Africans, some from India and other countries) on the Sunday before the conference started on Monday. Then we split the teaching times each day. By the end of the week, we were very tired!

Then, Ed had a one-day men’s conference scheduled for Saturday. What were we thinking??? The Lord enabled him to teach that Saturday in a condensed format. Rather than doing three, full, one-hour sessions over an all-day format (interspersed with worship and testimonies), he taught all three sessions straight through and was finished with his part by noon. The men stayed and discussed his points and shared their testimonies on overcoming sexual temptations and being godly husbands and fathers. The organizers came by to see us that evening and shared how meaningful the time was to 100+  men who were present.

Logistically, all went well—we made all flights connections, we had no lost bags, adequate accommodations and food. And we didn’t get sick! We took some time to rest before our return. After coming home, we had one day of recovery and back to work! Then we spent a week receiving training in Dallas.

You are an valuable part of our ministry here and in Africa. We love and appreciate you and your support of the work God is doing through Living Well!

Our love in Christ,
Donna and Ed Edwards

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