Friday, July 08, 2011


Wedding vows - do we take them for granted?

Do we forget the vow we made to each other and to God?

As we work with couples or individuals in crisis, I sometimes think that they have totally lost sight of their vows. A "vow renewal" time reminds us of those vows.

As the end of our week-long teaching on marriage at the Pastoral Family Enrichment Conference in Ndola, Zambia, we did a vow renewal ceremony. For most Africans, this ceremony is a new experience. We provide a certificate to them with the words; we have them repeat after us as they go through it. After the ceremony, we have lunch and have a wedding cake for them to celebrate the ceremony.

Some of those who were there, admitted that they had never made vows before, even at their wedding. Others enjoyed the "wedding celebration" - some had never had that for their marriage, even in the beginning.

The vows remind us of our commitment to the Lord and to each other and of the great place of honor that God has bestowed on marriage.


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