Monday, July 11, 2016

Who goes to Zambia? Profile #3

We have such limited time and space to talk about our mission teams. God always puts together an amazing team. As I thought about each person who goes and what a diverse group that we have, I thought I would share more of the story.

To avoid showing preference to anyone, it's in alphabetical order!

Brianna Lake and Travis Lake
Unlike our first two profiles, this is not a married couple but a father and daughter couple.

Their story and ours are very long - almost 20 years long. Travis and his wife, Mandy, came to the Bible study class we teach shortly after they got married. We have seen them grow and mature and have a family. Which brings us to part 2 of the story. Their oldest daughter, Brianna, is now 14 and about to start high school. She has been wanting to go to Zambia as long as we have been serving at WCS, but she was too young ...... until now. We don't let young people go with us until they finish the 8th grade and their parent has to come with them. [see more about their story here]

Brianna loves sports and has served at our church in the puppet ministry. She used her talents and leadership skills to minister to the kids at WCS and honor the Lord in her service.

Without any other team members, she worked with the kids who did the puppet show and did a great job!

She loved playing with the kids and holding the little ones. They adored the attention!

Travis is an engineer by vocation and is always examining the best way to "get it done." We asked Travis to be in charge of the games. Having watched his three girls play millions of games, he easily took it on with great planning.

Travis is known for having a servant's heart. We knew we could count on him to do whatever needed to be done. He spent one afternoon (after the Camp Wisdom time finished) working with the WCS 7th grade teacher on computer skills.
Travis and Chris loading a counter top in the team bus.

With his GoPro and camera, he captured hundreds of memories at WCS!

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