Sunday, June 18, 2006

Ed, Donna, and Jacquelyn Edwards Arrive in Zambia

On June 4, Ed, Donna, and Jacquelyn Edwards fly to Lusaka, Zambia. Israel Simbaya, country director of ALARM, and Kedrick Sikaona meet the team at the airport. We wait for the arrival of the rest of the team, Mike and Donna Jestes, before driving to Ndola.

After arriving in Ndola, our host graciously invites us into his home for dinner. He introduces his wife, Beatrice, his niece, Queen, and his four children, Abigail, Enock, Nathan, and Lois.

We soon learn of the Zambian custom of kneeling to serve and to show respect to parents, husbands, chiefs, or others in authority. As is the custom in most African countries, someone offers water to wash your hands before eating. We were served traditional, local food including chicken, beef, rice, potatoes, and other local dishes.