Sunday, June 18, 2006

Ed Edwards, of Living Well, Oklahoma City, Preaches at Hope of Glory Church, Ndola, Zambia

Accomodations in Ndola were at the Mich Guest House (picture 1). The guest house has three small houses in a compound with beautiful grounds, surrounded by a tall concrete enclosure and gated entrance.

Our first morning in Ndola was a Sunday. Ed, Donna, and Jacquelyn were taken to the Hope of Glory church. Mike and Donna Jestes were taken to a different church. Both men preached in their respective services. (2) Shows Ed preaching with a translator to assist the understanding of the people.

The worship in Africa expresses a love and devotion to our Lord that we have rarely experienced here. Even though, we don't usually know the words they are singing, the worship invades our souls. The Holy Spirit binds our hearts together, regardless of the difference in our living situations and lifestyles.