Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Praise and Worship

The Zambians worship with all of their hearts, voices, and bodies. Their praise and devotion to the Lord exude joy and enthusiasm. They worship with singing and dancing. They worshiped in their prayers. They would all pray out loud at the same time. They cried out from the hearts with loud words but also with tears. Without understanding all the words we could tell they were beseeching the Lord and fighting against the enemy.

A praise team composed of young people (the young women in pink are part of the younger women's ministry) lead much of the service. A young man played an electric keyboard and another played an electric guitar. A member of the choir played a tradition drum from his position with the choir. A soloist would sometimes use a microphone but more often their voices would carry throughout the church.

The praise team sat in a group to the side of the room whenever they were not singing. But when they did stand in front, they would leave their place and come back while singing with their mouths and their bodies.