Friday, June 23, 2006

Marriage and Family Enrichment Conference, Ndola, Zambia

Monday, June 5 began our Marriage and Family Enrichment Conference for Pastors and Wives in Ndola, Zambia. Many couples came together, although some wives were unable to attend because of recent childbirth or helping with harvest, etc. Some wives attended without husbands because many pastors are bi-vocational and had to work. At least 56 couples were represented at the conference.

The conference occupied a room where a church rents a space in a former university building. Israel and Beatrice Simbaya of ALARM and Kedrick, their administrative assistant, organized the conference over the last six months.

The life expectancy of a person born in Zambia right now is 37 years old, so we found ourselves to be the elders of the group. One pastor attended who had been married longer than we have. He was usually one the first there every morning and sat on the front row.

Mike Jestes began the teaching of the conference by talking to the pastors about their priorities - including their relationship to God, their marriage, their children, and their ministry to their church. Mike is known for his interactive illustrations and demonstrations as he teaches.