Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Who goes to Zambia? Profile #4

We have such limited time and space to talk about our mission teams. God always puts together an amazing team. As I thought about each person who goes and what a diverse group that we have, I thought I would share more of the story.

To avoid showing preference to anyone, it's in alphabetical order!

Brian and Chris Matlock
The way our teams come together is so interesting. Music is essential to doing CAMP WISDOM. The African kids love to sing; it's part of their culture. They can sing anything - even if they don't understand the English words.

We have been fortunate enough to have Mary Kay McCormick to go for each of our first four camps. She was great with the kids and laid a strong foundation. But she couldn't go in 2016 .... something about her first grandson graduating from high school in Texas.

In God's providence, a donor came forth and offered to send someone to do the music. We prayed and God led us to Brian Matlock and his son, Chris.

Brian is an engineer by vocation (yes, we had a multitude of engineers), but has an extensive background in ministry - music ministry, teaching, preaching. He has gone on several foreign mission trips.
Brian not only lead the music, but he also shared the gospel with the children at CAMP WISDOM and shared with the community on Saturday. He preached at Wisdom Church on our first Sunday and led a worship service for our team at our place of lodging (one of the highlights of our trip!), when our schedule didn't permit us to attend on our second Sunday.

When he wasn't leading music at CAMP WISDOM, he was helping with the lessons, crafts, or games. He was busy! We are thankful for God's provision.

Brian's 16-year-old son, Chris, was eager to go on the mission to Zambia - even though he had never been on an airplane. He did great - never complained or got sick! After 10 flights that covered 20,000 miles, he is a seasoned traveler.

Along with his dad, Chris played the guitar and led music for CAMP WISDOM. His real gift was playing with the kids at the end of the day, after we finish CAMP WISDOM.

Chris was always willing to do whatever we asked, including washing the women's toilet seat (we use latrines with a hole in the ground while at WCS; we have a toilet seat lid designed for putting on a bucket when camping).

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