Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Who goes to Zambia? Profile #5

We have such limited time and space to talk about our mission teams. God always puts together an amazing team. As I thought about each person who goes and what a diverse group that we have, I thought I would share more of the story.

To avoid showing preference to anyone, it's in alphabetical order!

Anita and Isaiah Powers
Once again, this is not a married couple but it is a mother and adult son.

Anita has been very interested and involved in WCS for a long time. She was unable to go to Zambia in the beginning because she was caring for her son, Micah. A few months after Micah went to be with the Lord, I was talking to Anita and said "Why don't you go with us? You could go now." She prayed and said "yes!" and went on our Mission Zambia 2014 team. 

She was great with the kids. Later that year, she had heart surgery, so in 2015, she was still in recovery.

Her health returned and we asked her to go back. I suggested that she asked her 32-year-old son, Isaiah, to come as well. She asked and they both said "yes!"

Anita is not just good at arts and crafts, she is an artist! We asked her to be in charge of the crafts for 400 kids and she was amazing. After experimenting with every craft and finding the best way to do it, she rounded up and assembled every thing we needed. Then, she says, "I don't feel like I have really done much." So, I gave her another project! She is one of the most creative people ever!

Her value to the mission transcends her artistic gifts - she reflects the Lord in what she says and what she does! She has an abundance of enthusiasm; she loves life and loves the Lord. 

Before we started training for the mission trip, we had not meet Isaiah. It can be risky to take a team member that you don't know. But Isaiah fit right into the team - he was easy going and talented and the kids were attracted to him!

Isaiah lives in Kansas City and is an artist also. Vocationally, he does something with video and computer animation and design - more complex than most of us understand. His skills with photography were a real asset to the team. Besides capturing numerous poignant moments, he took individual pictures of all the kids at Camp Wisdom!

Isaiah's love for the Lord overflowed generously into the lives of all of the children!