Thursday, May 04, 2006

Getting Ready for the Big Event!

Behind the scenes!

Decorating complete at Putnam City Baptist Church.
Now ....... decorating the people of the wedding party!

The Groom and his men.

Rehearsal Dinner

Close friends and family gather to honor and toast the couple-to-be.

Groomsman and good friend, Jason Hart offers his encouragement and toast.

Maid of honor, long-time friend, and roommate, Alanna McFarland.

Long-time friend and groomsman, Chris Rucker, and wife, Bonnie.

Matron of honor and long-time friend, Jen Johnson.

Nikki's sister, Taelor.


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Rehearsal Night

Max Alexander, a minister at our church, who has known Zac since he was 3 months old, goes over the order of service.

Wedding Countdown

The preparations for the marriage took place last fall. Now, it's time to prepare for the wedding.
Friends arrive.

Decorations go into place.

A Heritage of Love for the Lord and Family

Zac enters the marriage through a line of family who love the Lord, serve Him, and love their families.

Pictured on back row: his cousin, Laura;The Momma; his aunt, Sherry; Zac and Nikki; front row: his great aunts - Marcy, Jimmie, Lucille, and his Memommie.

More Showers, part 2

Friends and family shower the couple with more blessings.

More Showers

More blessings from our church family.

Zac and "Memommie"