Monday, February 28, 2011

March 2011 LIVING WELL Letter

Our busiest month of the year changed! Our very mild winter took a drastic change …. for two weeks. Because of the snow and cold, several of our events were postponed or altered. We did get some rest imposed by the weather, whether we wanted it or not!

We had a great retreat with those from Caddo county. We were excited to see many young couples who really want to follow the Lord in their marriage. The Dream Marriage simulcast had a huge impact. Many couples are already looking forward to next year’s seminar.

Many obstacles exist for couples today. Their marriages are falling apart at amazing rates. Thank you for your support for us in prayer. We are in constant need of direction from the Lord. We face difficulties that we do not have answers to. From a human perspective, these situations seem impossible. We know there is always hope! He has answers even when we do not.

Marriage Missionaries to Zambia!

We are returning to Zambia for the third time to teach and train pastors! We are still finalizing details and budgets. What we know right now: we will go at the end of May, first of June. We expect around 100 people to attend (50 churches, pastor and his wife) in Ndola, Zambia. We are buying new study Bibles here and shipping them over. We will teach and train pastors in marriage principles and in building marriage ministries. The trip will cost over $21,000 for our expenses and the participant’s expenses.

We need to ship Bibles and buy plane tickets right now! The immediate need for those expenses is approximately $6400. Please pray with us that the Lord will provide the funds within the next two weeks so that we can proceed. You will receive more details as soon as all of the details have been worked out.

Zambia has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS in east Africa, resulting in one of the shortest life spans, leaving thousands of children without a mom or a dad or both. The Church has the opportunity and obligation to make a difference in this country. Through teaching pastors God’s design for marriage, we have seen a difference in the lives of those we have taught.

During our ministry in this same city in 2006, an elder from a church in that city attended the conference; we will call him “John.” After several sessions at the conference, Ed counseled with John privately. John has HIV/AIDS and is married with children. He was in debt and was addicted to pornography. Upon returning home, we sent him materials. Ed kept in touch with him through the internet. God began to heal John. John’s pastor was also at the conference. John shared his struggle for the first time with his pastor. He told of the way God was healing him from the problem with pornography and his debt. Soon, John connected with six other men in his church who also had a porn problem. We sent more materials. Men began to admit their sin and their struggle publicly for the first time. The pastor preached on the topic and directed men to John. He began speaking in other churches. God did such a work in John’s life that he is now attending Bible college. In an email just last week, he told us that the books are still circulating in his church.

Through the ministry God gave us in 2006, God is healing men.

Marriages are healed and lives are saved. Staying faithful to God’s principles in marriage is a life or death issue in Zambia.

We love and appreciate you and your support of the work God is doing through Living Well!
May the Lord bless you in your relationship to Him.

Our love in Christ,
Donna and Ed Edwards

P.S. Please pray that the Lord will provide the funds for our mission to Zambia.