Monday, July 30, 2018

Addicted to Pleasure?

“Our ability to perceive happiness has been sabotaged by our modern incessant quest for pleasure,” contends Robert Lustig (professor emeritus of pediatrics, division of endocrinology, UCSF).

Happiness and pleasure are two different feelings. Pleasure often comes as an immediate sensation – an immediate, sensual gratification. Chemicals released in our brain cause us to want more of the same sensation.

Most people believe that if they pursue pleasure, they will be happy. But most people are not very good at knowing what will bring them happiness. God created us to be pleasure seekers – there is nothing wrong with seeking pleasure or happiness. In fact, He says 1 Timothy 6:17b ... God, who richly supplies us with all things to enjoy. He wants us to enjoy all that He provides for us.

As John Piper says, God intended that pleasure to be in Him. He asserts that seeking pleasure apart from God will never satisfy. “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.”

Does seeking pleasure in God impact my marriage and other relationships?
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Rendering of Auditorium/Chapel on actual site
Our next project at WISDOM Christian School is a chapel/auditorium! The good news is that a donor has pledged to match funds up to $16,000 for this project. The total cost is $32,000. So, we only need donations for half that amount to start the project! See more about this project and how to donate on the WCS website or Facebook page.

The multipurpose building will serve as an auditorium/chapel for the students. The building will also be the new venue for the church on campus that currently meets in a classroom. The students will also be able to eat lunch in there during the rainy season instead of eating on benches outside or in a classroom. DONATE NOW

THANK YOU for your continued prayers, support, and encouragement. We could not do what we do without YOU!

Our love in Christ,

Donna and Ed Edwards

P.S. Please pray for wisdom as we counsel and as we raise funds for a chapel at WISDOM Christian School.