Monday, April 29, 2013


America is in the midst of a battle. The battle is not against terrorism - even though the pain of Boston will be with us for a long time. The battle is for our children and our families. 

When an act of terror strikes us, we join together to increase our efforts to protect our homeland. We refuse to give up or give in. We become more vigilant and put up more safeguards. We tell people “see something, say something.”

In the battle for marriage and family, even many of the soldiers in the battle are giving up.
They believe that we have lost and should surrender. There is no urgency, no increase of safeguards, no determination, and no promotion of public awareness. But we are calling you to action! We are imploring you to persevere with us.

You are still in the battle as you support our mission to put faith into practice in the first and most important formation of relationships - the family. You make it possible for us to bring God’s healing to marriages that are on the brink of dissolution and for couples that are about to embark on the marriage journey. We are urging you to be vigilant to show our world what the relationship of Christ and the church looks like through our marriages.

Because of your donations, we can spend time guiding and discipling these couples. Their marriages are save    d, their families remain intact, their children still have both parents at home. We can’t share details because of confidentiality, but we can say that the Lord is at work!

The dynamics of couples that we see have changed since we started working with marriages.
The husband and/or wife have children from a previous relationship, not a previous marriage. Now pornography is a common, frequent problem. Families incur great debt from buying things or being unprepared for emergencies. The lack of time together as a family is increasing dramatically as 1)more couples are both working, 2)children are involved in more extracurricular activities, especially sports, and 3)electronic media intrude and isolate people.

We are about a month from departure to Zambia. We continue to train and prepare our team of 18 to minister at Wisdom Community School.

You can be a part of the MISSION ZAMBIA 2013 TEAM!
YOU can give so that we can GO!  Cost to go = $3000+/person  
YOU can supply the materials to improve the school  $4000
YOU can feed lunch to 120 kids and 20 helpers for 5 days $1400 ($2/person/day)
YOU can supply materials, equipment & translators to teach 120 kids $1200 ($10/child)
YOU can provide t-shirts for the kids and helpers $700 ($5/person)
YOU can provide the Jesus film showing to the whole slum community $600
YOU can PRAY for our safety and success ETERNAL REWARDS

Thank you for your continued support through prayers and donations. We could not continue this ministry without you! We love and appreciate you and your support of what God is doing!

Our love in Christ,
Donna and Ed Edwards