Saturday, July 31, 2010


It is just like I have been born again, because I can see that I was sinning against my wife.
Justin Kiwovele, ALARM Tanzania

Many pastors in Morogoro conveyed this message after our conference in Morogoro. Our host, Justin Kiwovele, the ALARM Tanzania country director told us, “Many people came, flocking to me. Telling me about Ed and Donna coming to that place [Morogoro]. ‘It is just like I have been born again, because I can see that I was sinning against my wife.’ This is the problem with our African culture. They have adapted from our culture that man is superior and that the wife is just a servant. Now, when they come to be told of God’s model of marriage, it’s just like a new thing. That’s where the husbands see that they have been doing wrong to their wives. And feeling like that they should be born again.”

That statement is why we keep going back to Africa. Thank you for your prayers and support! You were there with us - your prayers, God’s spirit speaking through us, and your support.

We never know what God has for us when we go to east Africa, but it is always more than we could ask or imagine. We had a room full of people, every chair taken. We had people who sat attentively, took notes, asked questions, and made comments through the whole week. We had pastors who had never had any teaching on marriage and a few that had studied it more extensively. One pastor had studied in the U.S. and still marveled at what God taught him. Again and again, they conveyed their belief in the teachings because of the evidence of the truth in God’s Word.

New for us at this conference were several pastors from the Maasai tribe. You may recognize them as the tall, thin Africans that herd cattle and wear bright red and blue cloth wrapped around them. They often have a large beaded necklace. The Maasai men have large holes in their earlobes, which are put there from a young age. We had several pastors in our group who wore American style clothing but also had large holes in their earlobes, illustrating the dichotomy of their lives. The Maasai are strongly patriarchal, so the marriage teachings, which elevate women to a position right after their relationship with God, bring a new level of understanding to their roles as a pastor, husband, and father. Many Maasai are coming to Christ and some are becoming pastors in their villages. However, some continue their cultural traditions including the traditional dress, which was described to us as being “practically naked.” The pastors were eager to see the truth of what God teaches about marriage and the role of ministry compared to their family priorities.

We convey the results from our trip, not to commend ourselves, but to exalt Christ who works through us.
Donna brought back an intestinal, African bug with her, but is fully recovered now. Otherwise, the team did well overall with the trip and the logistics went well as we travelled. We cannot begin to thank Rhett and Megan O’Briant enough for all that they added to the teaching and the team.

Thank you for your love, support, and prayers. Our love in Christ,
Donna and Ed Edwards

P.S. Praise God for His blessings during our conference.