Friday, October 31, 2014

Zambian Pastor Charles Mutambala at Oklahoma Capitol

Pastor Charles Mutambala has been very interested in government since his four years at a Bible college near Boston. He studied the U.S. style of democracy and constitution. He was a spiritual adviser to a previous Zambian president and participated in writing a new constitution for their national government.

During his visit to Oklahoma, Lt. Governor Todd Lamb graciously met with him and heard the history of the Zambian government since colonialism.

Donna Edwards, Pastor Charles Mutambala, Lt. Governor Todd Lamb, Ed Edwards
Pastor Charles in the Oklahoma Senate chamber

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pastor Charles Mutambala Visits Oklahoma

Pastor Charles Mutambala is almost back to Zambia from his two weeks in Oklahoma. We all enjoyed his time with us. In his two weeks, he spoke 11 times to groups at three churches and at two dinners.

We shared Oklahoma with him as he shared Zambia with us.

One of the must see places in OKC - the Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.



Charles at Cattleman's Steakhouse