Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Home from Africa

We arrived home late Monday night. We were glad to be home!

Seems that I love to bring part of Africa home with me .... this time it is an African bug .... the G.I. type. Went to an infections disease doctor yesterday. I am on meds and am already feeling better. He is doing tests to make sure that there are no long term or unknown effects.

To add insult to injury, Ed went to the office to pay some bills and the part of ceiling tile in our waiting area had gotten very wet and caved in. Fortunately, nothing was ruined that can't be replaced. Yes, my books are safe! Our landlord is very good about trying to get things fixed and reimbursing us for damages.

We are anxious to start getting info and pictures from the trip onto the blog. Hopefully, that will come soon.

Thank you for your prayers while we are gone. We appreciate your continued prayers for rest and recovery from the trip, the bug, and the cave-in.