Thursday, May 23, 2013


It’s hard to even write this letter as we have such a heavy heart for our community. We are extremely sad for the devastation of the latest tornadoes. The power of the weather still amazes us - a reminder that we are not in control. Lots of prayers for those who are involved.

We are in the final days before leaving for our mission trip to Zambia. The team has planned, prayed, and prepared. We are ready and excited to see what God is going to do in those who are going and in those to whom we minister. We appreciate your prayers [see mission summary, prayer requests, & schedule below]. Keep in mind that we are getting up about the time you are going to bed - a good time to pray for us! 

One aspect of the mission is to show the Jesus film outside on the Saturday night after we minister at the school that week. This community is not a planned community; it was just settled by people. So, there are no water or power services to the community. The community is a slum area. The homes are made of mud bricks with tin roofs, which are not secured; they have rocks on top to keep the roof in place. Many homes are occupied by single parents or even homes headed by a 16 year-old child with younger siblings. 

Even though their culture has a lot of exposure to Christianity, much of their religion is mixed with superstitious or wrong beliefs. We are anxious to see their response to the film. Our challenges include using a generator for power, projecting the audio loud enough, and making sure the projector is bright enough. Since there is no power in the neighborhood, the movie will attract a lot of attention. Please pray for the Lord to bless that film viewing and our interaction with the community. 

Thanks to the support of many of you, the funding of the mission trip is complete! We always have unexpected expenses, but the Lord always provides for these expenses through His people. Please remember that you are all part of this mission as you pray for us! 

You have probably seen the faces of African children in magazines or on TV. Those pictures tug at your heart. But ours are not nameless faces in a magazine but are children that we know. Part of our goal with at Wisdom Community School is to give them hope. We want them to know that there are people who care about their education, their lives, and their spirits. 

Each one of our team working with the children will have a group of six children in the morning and six in the afternoon. We want to get to know each child and their life situations. We will be able to share God’s love with them individually and personally. We want to be able to pray for them and support them emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. We will share some of their stories when we return so that you can join us in those prayers. 

One of our concerns while we are gone are the people with whom we meet for marriage problems. Please pray for those people to seek the Lord for their marriage while we are gone. 

Thank you for your continued support through prayers and donations. We could not continue this ministry without you! We love and appreciate you and your support of what God is doing! 

Our love in Christ, 

Donna and Ed Edwards 
P.S. Please praise the Lord with us for supplying the funds and the team for this mission!

Mission: Ndola, Zambia, 
  •       Wisdom Community School:
    • Paint exterior of school & out-buildings, install ceilings in classrooms, concrete steps, flagpole, landscaping, drainage, and misc. repairs 
    • Conduct Camp Wisdom (VBS type) with 120 children, grades 1-6; open house with their families 
    • Disciple & train teachers 
  •     Preach in churches 
  •     Show the Jesus film to the slum community where the school is located. 
  • Good health; logistics to go well, safety in travel (10 plane flights for trip), luggage arrival 
  • We will honor and glorify Our Lord in all that we say and do; that we will communicate well; unity in the team 
  • Preaching in churches - share God’s Word and encourage 
  • Camp Wisdom at school - Camp team will be able to communicate the love of God, activities to go well (teaching, games, music, crafts, Bible verse memory, stories) 
  • Wisdom Community School: Construction team will be able to complete all painting, ceiling installation, concrete steps, landscaping, and other needs 
  • Wisdom Community School: Help teachers: grow in their faith, learn more about how to share Christ with students, and help them be more skilled at teaching children to read 
  • Jesus Film outreach - many people in community will hear the gospel and respond 
  • A quick adjustment to time changes and restored strength after we get home. 
  • Wednesday, May 29, 6:35 pm Leave for Zambia (fly Dallas/London/Nairobi) 
  • Friday, May 31, 12:00 noon* (5:00 am, CDT) Arrive Ndola, Zambia (35 hours flying/layovers, no bed) 
  • Saturday, June 1 Meet with local ministry partner, buy supplies 
  • Sunday, June 2 Attend local churches, preach in 3 churches 
  • Monday - Friday, June 3-7, 8:30am-5pm*(1:30-10:00 am, CDT) daily Camp Wisdom, construction work, train & disciple teachers at school  
  • Saturday, June 8 Open house children/families, show Jesus film outside to slum community 
  • Sunday, June 9 Travel to Nairobi, Kenya 
  • Monday-Wednesday, June 10-12 Rest, visit local culture/sights 
  • Thursday, June 13, 11:50 pm* (3:50 pm CDT) Depart Nairobi 
  • Friday, June 15, 5:40 pm  ARRIVE OKLAHOMA CITY! 
[*Zambia time is 7 hrs ahead of CDT]