Thursday, April 26, 2018


How many of us can identify with Abraham Lincoln’s words?

I know that we can. We had a time in our early days of marriage when our spiritual lives were not a priority. Our mothers continued to pray for us.We believe that those prayers brought us back to the Lord and to His church. We believe that the prayers of a mother and/or a father are powerful in a child’s life – whether they are young or old. [read more about mothers here]

We value your prayers right now as we prepare for Mission Zambia 2018.

We have some unexpected changes. John and Darla Holinsworth will not be able to go with us. Darla broke her ankle recently and had surgery on it. She cannot stand on it and will not be able to travel.

The Lord provided another couple, Jack and Terri Bailey, to go in their place. We have known Jack and Terri for 22 years. They were in our very first nearly/newly married class. We have kept up through the years and they have expressed interest many times about going to Zambia. We are very thankful that they are able to go on such a short notice.

We only have five weeks until we leave. If you would like to help support Jack and Terri, any other team member, or the Zambia Mission, you can go to this page to donate.

We still need about $2,000 to fund the mission. We have had some unexpected expenses arise for the mission trip.

Our team is planning and praying. Will you pray with us and support the work at WISDOM Christian School?

Thank you for your continued prayers, support, and encouragement.

Our love in Christ,

Donna and Ed Edwards

P.S. Please pray as the Zambia team prepares and for the funding of Mission Zambia - $2,000 remaining.

The water that I will give him will
become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life. 
John 4:14b 
LIVING WELL is a life source, not a life style.