Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Behind the Scenes at Living Well

We teach .... we give guidance .... we lead .... we train ..... we go on mission trips.

To do all of that and maintain a nonprofit ministry, a lot goes on behind the scenes. This video is a glimpse of some of what Ed and Donna do behind the scenes at Living Well.

Monday, October 03, 2011


I was done. I was ready to get out of the marriage…… How much longer can I go on? …. A last ditch effort…. They better have a miracle in their pocket….. Realizing how much I had been forgiven…. Why do I deserve to be forgiven but he doesn’t? I need grace everyday just like he does. …. Learning how to not argue, how to resolve our differences. Learning techniques….. Now reconciled after two years of separation.

This testimony of what God has done through Living Well was shared at our dinner. [see the video here]

Guidance given in the first nine months of 2011
Since the beginning of 2011, we have met with 22 couples (multiple appointments each) six of those appointments were for premarital preparation. When couples come to see us, we both meet with them. We ministered to 23 individuals (5 were also in the couple meetings) for a total of 62 different people, representing 40 families. (who have a total of 60 children approximately). Your prayers and support has made a difference for all of these families. 

Thank you for our prayers for our annual dinner. We enjoyed seeing everyone and sharing what God has done during the last year and His vision for us for the year to come.

At last year’s dinner, our board presented a budget of about $148,000. Our budgets include all of our ministry expenses including rent, office supplies, printing, staff development (.5%), salaries, payroll taxes, health insurance, Africa missions, and fundraising (1.2%). As you can see, we operate on a very low budget for the amount of ministry that we do. We are the only two staff members. After last year’s dinner, some commented to us that they couldn’t believe that we operated on that small amount. We are thankful for the many donors who make this ministry possible. 

Living Well Budget for Fiscal Year
October 2011-Sept 2012
Our income during the last fiscal year was $12,000 less than our budget. Since we operate on a very tight budget, the only expense that we can cut is salaries. We received $1000 less per month salary than our budgeted amount. At our dinner, our board of directors presented our total budget of $164,645 for the coming fiscal year . Our budget includes the same ministry expenses as last year except money for one new computer and a second mission trip to Africa.

We believe that God wants us to focus our mission efforts next year in Zambia again. Our ministry time there last year was very fruitful. Why would we spend 20% of our budget this year on this mission when we aren’t even receiving full salaries? Because of the numbers of lives that we can impact and the receptiveness of those to whom we minister. 

During eight days in Zambia last year, we taught over 40 hours and reached about 275 people; 100 of those were pastor couples. The need there is so great in so many areas but they are very responsive to the teaching and willing to follow the Lord. We are now planning to go to Zambia in January of 2012 to minister but also to plan for a larger ministry endeavor for the summer of 2012.

How can we possibly meet this new budget since it is around $28,000 more than we received last year? Only God can make it possible! Please pray with us that He will provide the additional donations so that we can continue in the ministry to which He has called us.

We ask you to pray with us that God, Our Provider, will supply the necessary funds for full salaries and also for an additional computer and mission needs that we have. Please pray our donations increase by $2333/month. We know our mission to see marriages healed and strengthened is close to His hear.

Donations make it possible for us to give guidance to people with their marriages or money management problems, regardless of their income and ability to give. The donations also sustain our work with churches in developing marriage ministries and our Africa missions. You are an valuable part of our ministry! We love and appreciate you and your support of what God is doing at Living Well!

Our love in Christ,
Donna and Ed Edwards