Thursday, February 06, 2014

Renewing Vows and Wedding Cake Celebration

As we close our marriage conferences, we give them an opportunity to renew their vows. We have a nice certificate with all of the words on it that they can sign and keep. Most of them have never been through an event such as that before.

After renewing of vows, we have a wedding cake and they get to feed each other cake!

This couple has only been married for 6 months!

Teaching Pastors in Kitwe

We normally teach for five days at our pastors' marriage conferences when we go to Africa. We knew that we had a lot to accomplish on this trip, so we decided to teach for 3 days and do part 1 this year and part two next year.

The attentiveness of these pastors/spouses is always encouraging to us.

They are laughing at Ed or one of his jokes - not sure which!

Our youngest participant - just 4 weeks old!

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

LIVING WELL teaches pastor couples in Kitwe, Zambia

What an enthusiastic group of pastors and spouses we had in Kitwe, Zambia!

After three days of teaching on marriage, worship and eating together, we had a time of renewing their vows, topped with feeding each other wedding cake!

Ed and Donna, along with team members, Darla and John Holinsworth, saw marriages healed and strengthened.

We have been teaching pastor couples in Africa for 12 years. We seen changes in the way people dress (more Western) and their habits (men sit with their wives without being prompted). We see them trying to filter through some of their traditions versus what God's Word says.

Through all the years, however, some things never change. People are the same everywhere. Their daily life looks a lot different from ours, but they struggle with the same issues in marriage. We are continually encouraged though to see the way God's Word applies to all people of every tradition, race, and time period.

We have many pictures and experiences to post. Stay tuned!