Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Paralysis by Analysis

I watched the Saddleback Forum this weekend and found it to be very interesting. I thought Rick Warren had some very good questions that showed the values and decision making process of both candidates.

The distinction between the two became very clear. While both candidates have thought through most of the issues, they have two completely different styles. Obama is very much one to consult many people. While it is good to seek wise counsel, he seems to fall into the category of paralysis by analysis. He makes every topic gray.

When asked a very simple question about when life begins, he gave a clever response about that being above his pay grade. The reality is that he didn't want to answer that question definitively for fear of making one side or the other mad. His record shows that he will support abortion rights.

While he seems like a likable personality, he reminds of someone who "says nothing very well."

John McCain has many attributes that people don't like and viewpoints that they don't agree, but he is very decisive. Most issues are clear cut to him, not much gray. That can be great if you agree with him.

The forum made the values and the style of leadership very clear to the American public.