Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Prayer Requests for Mission trip - MOROGORO, Tanzania 2010

  • Pray for all members of our team: Ed and Donna Edwards, Rhett and Megan O'Briant, Justin and Anna Kiwovele (ALARM Tanzania country directors)
  • Good health for all; logistics to go well - safety in travel, luggage to make it with us.
  • Lord will provide needed funds for mission trip and for our ongoing ministry in OKC.
  • That we will honor Our Lord in all that we say and do; that we will communicate well.
  • Lord will draw pastors and wives in the Morogoro area of Tanzania to the conference; He would protect their time.
  • Lord will speak to each heart about their own marriage and bring change in their lives; that they will be faithful to each other, sexually pure physically and in their minds.
  • Lord will give them hope and help them to remain faithful to Him and what He wants.
  • Each pastor and wife will model Christ and the Church in their marriage and will teach many people God’s design for oneness in marriage.
  • Lord will bring the pastors and church leaders (from last year) to our follow-up workshop in Dar es Salaam. That we will be able to encourage, teach, and train them in their marriage ministries.
  • The Lord will protect the marriages/minds of the people to whom we minister in OKC.
  • A quick adjustment to time changes and restored strength after we get home.