Thursday, December 29, 2016



We pray that the Lord will bless YOU in a special way in the coming year! YOU are a blessing to us! We thank YOU for that.

As a new year begins, we think about what’s ahead. It’s a new year and a new start. Some people make goals for the year; some make New Year’s resolutions.

In years past, we made goals for a new year. But we found out that God often exceeded even what we thought we might accomplish in a year. We don’t make goals anymore.

We begin the year (and each day) by asking the Lord what He has for us. 

He does not always tell us what He has in store for us! 

We get to be surprised.

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? Isaiah 43:19

He wants to do a new thing in YOU!

What does our Lord want to do in YOU this year? This month? Today?
What does He have for us?
  • Healing marriages and hearts
  • Back to Zambia January 11.
    • Marriage and family conference for at least 50 pastor couples.
    • Going to WISDOM Christian School.
      • See their needs
      • See the students
      • Meet with the teachers
  • Giving guidance to crisis couples
  • Leading design, development, and launch of faith@home center at PCBC
  • Laying the foundation of a lifelong marriage for premarital couples
  • Funding and building Classroom Building #3 for WISDOM Christian School
  • Leading a team to WCS in June to offer Camp Wisdom and work on campus
  • Teaching the Bible to young couples
  • The mysterious path of the leading of our Lord!
Please pray for the support of our January mission. If you would like to donate to this mission, DONATE NOW here. We still need for the LORD to provide $7,000 dollars more to pay for the mission. We leave January 11 for Zambia.

May the Lord bless you in 2017!
Donna and Ed Edwards
P.S. Pray the preparations and $7,000 support for the January Zambia mission.

The water that I will give him will
become in him a well of water
springing up to eternal life. 
John 4:14b 
LIVING WELL is a life source, 
not a life style.