Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day Fun

Instead of sitting in our office, guiding people through their marital and emotional morass, we went down to the county courthouse to give out gift baskets to couples getting married on Valentine's Day. The exhilaration of dozens of couples starting out a new life together seemed to fill the whole courthouse as several people stopped in, just to watch.

We asked several people why they were getting married today. They all said it was because it is a day of romance, what better day! Several guys inferred that it would be easier to remember. Sounds like a great to economize your efforts - card, gift, dinner once instead of twice.

The most interesting story of the day was a couple who had been married 12 years ago. Recently the husband started a new job and was trying to get his wife on their insurance. The company asked for a copy of the marriage license. They found out that the courthouse had no record of their marriage. So, they were doing it again for the sake of legality. They were part of the group wedding ceremony and the only one I saw crying during the ceremony. She was very touched by "renewing" their vows.

The event drew lots of media attention, channels 9 and 25, KTOK radio. We were thankful for the opportunity to talk to the public about the importance of strengthening marriages.