Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ed and Donna Edwards return to Zambia

What can you advise a couple who found his partner in adultery?
Why do pastors divorce their wives?
How can the marriages be acquitted of traditions that are barriers?
Why do men fail to say “sorry and please forgive me,” especially to their spouses?
What can I do to make my marriage to be strong? …

These are a few of the questions we received when we went to Zambia in 2006. Zambians have unique challenges due to traditions, low incomes, and the scourge of AIDS, but they also have the same kind of problems we do.

We are returning to Zambia (the focus of our 2006 mission) in the same area as in 2006, but to a different community. We have included a fact sheet with this letter. We will teach the same type of conference as we have in previous years – a training and teaching on marriage and family for pastors and their wives. They will have the opportunity to enrich their own marriages, as well as being trained to teach others. The information they receive will be duplicated into hundreds of lives.

Our daughter, Jacquelyn, is also returning with us to Zambia. She will go into schools again and speak on purity and God as Father and Provider. We will also have a special time one evening to meet with the people who attended our 2006 conference. We are looking forward to seeing them and hearing firsthand how God has worked in their lives and in their churches since 2006.

After our trip to Burundi last year, the ALARM country director requested that we train more people to do what we do. As an end to that goal, we are taking two other couples and another young woman with us. We are looking forward to having a couple join the team, Diane and Dannie Clarida from Ponca City (also on our board of directors).

We are very also excited that another couple, Rhett and Megan O’Briant, have joined the team as well. They have been in our young married class for more than five years. Rhett’s younger sister is also on our team. She (also named Megan!) has previously been to Africa on a mission trip and had a great desire to return. She is the same age as our daughter and will be going with her into schools to speak.

We believe that God has called us and that He will provide for us. We are asking that you pray and follow God’s lead for this mission.