Friday, May 08, 2009


I watched a Dateline newscast tonight about men and women being unfaithful in their marriage. The researcher says that 60% of those that are unfaithful are men, 40% women. He says that a small percent are habitually unfaithful, but the majority are unfaithful because they want an emotional connection (men and women). It isn't about the sex.

I agree that they may be seeking emotional connection. But why can't they find that connection with their spouse? One man talked about going out in his car with the other woman and they would just talk, maybe kiss some, no sex.

What if married couples kept dating? Kept going out for a drive and parking by the lake for some time alone and focused on each other? Wouldn't they keep that emotional connection?

Why don't they do that? They get busy with their careers, taking care of the home, paying bills, raising kids. They lose the WONDER of discovering new things in each other.

But some people have serial affairs or relationships (if they are not married) because a point comes when that person has to listen and sacrifice his needs for the needs of the other. Then they lose interest or lose the person. Or the commitments of marriage become too demanding for them.

Commitment is the bottom line - not just to staying married but to the very best for the other person. If your special person doesn't articulate his desire to see you achieve God's best for your life - RUN, flee, get away.

If you are already married, and you don't believe that your spouse wants the very best for you, commit to give him God's best. Sound impossible? Where you are weak He is strong. We can't do it on our own, we can only do it as He lives in us and through us. It's about commitment to Him and our love for Him.