Monday, December 02, 2013


Stop! Let’s talk about one holiday at a time, please!

That is what we all feel like shouting right now. Having a late Thanksgiving is the excuse all the retailers needed to start the advertising and shopping earlier. How did buying and owning things become so important to us? As Christians, are we consumed with what we have?

Do we compare what we have to those who have more than us or those who have less?
     We think about the many couples who come to us and desperately want their marriages to be better but have wounded backgrounds with bad role models; they don’t know where to begin. A lack of conflict resolution skills makes it difficult to succeed in any area of their marriage, including financially. Because of you, our supporters, we can see these couples whether they can pay or not.

When you ask your children what they want for Christmas, have they ever said “nothing?”
     We remember the young boys in Zambia who waited until the end of each day to grab any empty, plastic water bottles in the trash, so that they could make toys out of them. Then, we think about the same age kids here who have Ipads and complain that they get bored. Because of you, our supporters,we are providing an education for these kids who are living in a slum.

At Christmas, do we think about the stress of getting everything done?
     What would happen if we skipped shopping and buying, instead we focused on how we could spend the money to make a difference in some else’s life to advance the Kingdom of God? Think about how you can help your children/grandchildren know more about the character of Jesus Christ. Because of you, our supporters, we are able to provide our “names of Jesus” card in our letters every year. The card is a great tool to use to meditate on who Christ is and to share with others. Those verses would make a great family devotional.

What we own, how we look, and what we consume becomes our identity.
     The Christian faith becomes one of many different activities that consume our time. “Religion” competes with other activities - rather than becoming a personal faith and the basis of our worldview and our personal relationship with a personal God.

You can make a difference in someone else’s life this Christmas and/or end-of-year giving:
  • $75 to sponsor one of the Wisdom Community School kids, starting 7th grade in January to school for a year to another school in the next community (includes fees, uniform, lunches, books, supplies, and incentives). WCS does not include 7th grade yet. (12 students)
  • $100 to sponsor one hour of guidance for a couple at LIVING WELL 
  • $150 To sponsor one pastor couple to attend Family Enrichment training conference in Zambia.
  • $2300 To sponsor one plane fare for Zambia January mission trip.*
  • $11,000 To complete the funding of the next classroom building at WCS (includes 3 classrooms); WCS would then be able to provide 7th grade classes (grades 1-7 are typical elementary schools in Zambia) and move other classes from a storage room into a classroom. [see WCS Master Plan]

As we prepare this letter, drilling the new water well for the students of Wisdom Community School is complete! The finish out and pump installation should be complete soon. Because of the faithfulness of God’s people, these children will have ample water all year! 

Thank you for your continued support! We could not continue this ministry without you! We love and appreciate you and your support of what God is doing! Have a blessed Christmas!
Our love in Christ,

Donna and Ed Edwards
P.S. Please pray for the Lord to provide the remaining $17, 200 for the Zambia mission trip. [see Zambia Mission 2014 info]
*We have already paid for our tickets and a deposit for the conference meeting space.